Welcome to Armidale Little Athletics .....Be your best!!


Armidale 2016/17 Season

Thank you to all who attended Armidale's combined GALA Day on Sunday 12th February

A HUGE thank you to everyone who assisted with the running of the carnival, it is much appreciated and we could not have done it without you!


Welcome to Armidale Little Athletics 


Our primary aim is to bring together athletes and their families in a range of outdoor physical activities with family involvement. Family involvement is of paramount importance. Not only do parents get to share in their child’s enjoyment, but they get to see their child develop new skills in the variety of events offered by the centre. At least 1 parent/caregiver per family is required to actively assist each week.

 Armidale Little Athletics runs events for U/6 through to U/17. The emphasis at all times is on “run for fun” and improvement of athletes’ own performances. A secondary objective is to provide athletes with a chance to compete at Zone, Regional, State, National and International levels.

Our competition time for all age groups is Thursday evenings from 5pm (warm up) at Harris Park, Armidale. Athletes are encouraged to participate in warm up, as this is a vital part of competition. Even the youngest athlete risks injury without sufficient warm up, no matter in which event they participate. All age groups from U/6 to U/17 do structured athletics events each week.

We appreciate assistance with setting up from 4.30pm

Best wishes,

Armidale Little Athletics Committee